Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year as Andy Williams sings. Be it the young or the old would come out from their little house and celebrate the colourful festive season together . Whenever Christmas comes, everywhere is painted with attractive lights bulbs and decoration took up every corner. Colours like golden, red and green dominate the entire festive season thereby built up a jolly mood for all to enjoy. Most importantly , build a smile on every face.

Everyone anticipate Christmas to arrive because it's the time of the year where you don't need a valid reason to receive gift from your friends and family as its father Christmas decree that everyone should be happy and enjoy the time with their love ones hence everyone is entitle to a present! Present makes people happy.

I always fond Christmas as the Jingle Bells tunes we hear since we're small never fails to entertain me whenever I am moody and it has the magical power to get my lazy body warmed up. It always makes me start rocking my hip and twisting my feet and start hoping along with the song. Musical can really set you into the mood.

During Christmas, beside the fun loving song, I also love the fact Christmas tree is everywhere during this season. You get to see many cute trinklets hanging by the tree. I like the most is the glittering balls and miniature toys used to decorate the trees. The fusion of colours wrapped around the Christmas tree is simply mesmerising.

I think what makes everyone love Christmas so much is the fact that the whole Christmas atmosphere is filled with glitters. You will see glitters on your left and glitters on your right. At the top and at the bottom and it's this glitters that makes Christmas so special. The glitters you witness around in Christmas actually meant to signify happiness and hopes. It's oblivious to the naked eye but do you know that the glitters actually have the effect of making people jumping upside down in joy?

The glitters basically emulates the natural effect of a star in the sky as star has always been the notion to create hypnotize effect. It is evident since it capable of making us to preach towards the star as if they bears the answer to our prayer. So as you know,the rational behind this inexplicable is due to the star's unmatchable beauty has cause human to accept the idea that star is actually light send down from heaven. Only God can exhibit such astonish glow from heaven so as they claim.

This reason is why star has always been the essential ingredient in Christmas and to follow by the book, it must sits gracefully on top of Christmas tree because it assume the height of heaven above us. Therefore, the star is the lifeline of Christmas. If ever the star fails to glow, the atmoshpere will abruptly turns gloomy . This is how Christmas star is pivotal to Christmas. If no star, means no hope,no happiness.

Anyway, do you realise that most kids would standstill in front of Christmas tree feeling astound by the Christmas star ? The mysterious glow is capable of attracting kids attention. The younger the kid are, the more astound they are by the star.

So do you still feel astounded by the Christmas star? If you do , then my friend you're just like me. We still hold the puerility in our soul and refuse to grow up.

So are you in Christmas spirit already? Well I am! I want to wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday to all my faithful readers for your continuing support.

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