Friday, December 11, 2009

I'm a pirate

Today I'm writing in reference to this news article published in TheStar newspaper. The news highlights the latest initiative/method our government has put in plan to significantly crack down on the widespread of piracy activity in our country in order to protect our local entertainment industry future via taking action against anyone who owns even one pirated DVD, VCD or CD from next year onwards which I personally find the move is a bit too much and absurd. This would mean anyone can be apprehended by law enforcement anytime anywhere so long as there's an unauthorised copyright disc found on you. This includes home-burned pornography. * Kenny beware *

I highlight this statement from the article which I find is contemptible.

" The primary objective of the proposal is to instil fear in people that if they buy pirated products there is a chance they will be prosecuted. In most cases, the situation can be described as closing the stable door after the horse has bolted but if it creates the atmosphere where there is a flowback to legalised products then this is good.”

Norman Abdul Halim, chief executive officer and president of KRU Group concurs.

“I think taking action is a fair thing to do. Malaysian users are aware that the content is illegal in the first place but they still partake in it,” he says.

“It is a crime. For example, if you knowingly buy stolen goods, you are breaking the law. So, I believe that what the government is trying to do is good.”

Norman says that when the law is enforced or passed in parliament, it will only take action against those who break the law. “It will help stop people from buying pirated materials,” he stresses.

There are also many in the industry who feel that the Government needs to eliminate the supply first.

“But I think the supply is driven by the demand,” says Norman. “The big issue is the demand, so that is why it is equally important to take action against those who break the law by buying pirated stuff.” "

But my personal opinion pertain to this issue toes different line that is same with this reasonable-minded chap below.

" Malaysian Film Producers Association president Ahmad Puad Onah stresses that pirated goods should not be in the market at all.

“The authorities should make sure that they are not available, not chase after the people who buy them. As long as people see them in the market they will not think that they are illegal and will buy it.”

You can't reasonably push the blame ultimately onto the consumer themself for continuingly support for the flourishment of piracy businesses because it was the government's duty to ensure that they are not available to the public in the first place. If something is available in the market, the public will automatically presume that it's safe to be consume as understood that the authority should have regulate any business before they are given a green light to operate. The government has a vested social responsibility to ensure the safety and security of its citizen is secured in exchange we the citizen would give them the mandate to run the country as they've undertake in the social contract signed during our independence day. It's government's duty to protect us from any harm. Failing to do so should deserve a reprehension from all.

The argument to support piracy that it's driven by demand was based on a flimsy ground. Just because we want piracy that doesn't mean you have to give us piracy. It was the weak regulation and enforcement that enables piracy to spread like wild fire. If we were to follow that KRU fruitcake's theory that " a demand should justify an action ", that would means if I want drug and pornography to be legalise since there's a high demand in our society so it's completely alright to allow drugs and pornography made available without any legal sanction despite the fact it's illicit in nature? So long as there's demand, we can justify anything irregardless whether it's morally right or wrong. That's what that doofus is denoting in his statement.

This is rubbish. It's a complete insult to all of us if we were compelled to accede to what these low-life intellectual person whom we called ARTIST says as carry the correct sense. Since when do artist have intellectual anyway? I mean exclude Lee Hom, Shakira and Coco Lee (whom are master in their own ) Since when do MALAYSIAN ARTIST have intellectual? It's because you don't have intellectual then only you think about joining the entertainment industry.

Just to be realistic to you, piracy will not die off and it never will because inside the money making world is a vicious circle. As long as there's a potential money making business, the capitalist will never let it get off so easily. By hook or by crook, these capitalist will want to attain the benefit result from it.Like drugs and alcohol, despite the immoral contend against them, yet the government still allow it to be made available for the public because there's demand for it. When there's demand, there's profit. No blind man would ever say no to money.

For the information of all and sundry, the core reason why piracy is so hard to get nip in the bud is because the social elite who on one hand publicly declare war against piracy, has on the other hand secretly assist the survival of piracy activity . I obtained this reliable piece of inside information from my usual pirated DVD supplier and I whole-hearted relied on his revelation to be the gospel of truth on the dark side of our original-licensed video store.

He revealed the reason why pirated vendor are able in the first place to produce better quality DVDs is because their gangster taiko pays money to SPEEDY store boss in order to pirate their originals. This clearly explain why rampant classic movies can easily be found in pirated version nowadays. Just tell them which Stephen Chow classic you desire, they'll give you.

All you need to do is just ask and they will give you.

You would be mentally-retarded if you have think that pirate were actually physically stealing original movies from genuine video store and later pirate them.(That's what I used to think of)

Use your brain! They used theirs and bribed genuine video store to " borrow " some of their original back home to watch(pirate). The official who in charge of genuine movie without a doubt,would prefer lease out their original movies to pirate for copy because it's more lucrative than selling original to consumer where richer income group is lesser than poorer income group. (Yours trully falls exactly within the latter group)

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