Sunday, December 20, 2009

Goodyear Formula Drift Part 1

Initially I plan to head down to PWTC as planned but instead hopped over to UPM MAEPS at Serdang for their Goodyear Formula Drift Competition. It's very clear my decision is a wise one to ditch the former plan for latter event as the food exhibition would not be as ecstaticly exciting as Formula Drift Competition. You're guaranteed not to be dissapointed if you attend a Drift Competition.

*I prefer going to gigs where HOT CARS and HOT BABES are the centre of attraction rather than confined to four walls convention that's packed with housewife/hags/spinster who hustle with each other just to taste free food*

Depsite the heavy downpour in the afternoon on Saturday, it fails to dampen our spirit of adamant insistance to catch the inaugural drift championship that will feature our local driver competing up against drivers from other countries. The rain stopped by the time we arrive. Among the international drivers that participate are from Thailand, Japan, Phillipines, China, Singapore, Hong Kong and New Zealand. From the given international lineup , our Malaysian drivers are given the best opportunity to test their mettle up against competiting countries to prove that Malaysia too have International standard driver.

For those who don't already know, a drift competition is in brief a competition that test drivers skill at controlling a car while entering corner at high speed. If you're a driver yourself, you will know that it's impossible to enter a corner without braking otherwise your car will goes slamming into the wall or down the valley if you're on mountain road that is.

Drift competition is about skill of negotiating corners at the highest speed at the faster time without colliding with the wall. The philosophy behind this is, drivers have to speed up towards a corner and then get the car sideways via your handbrake or via perfect gear shifting so that their car is horizontal to the curve of the corner. The show doesn't end there. Subsequent to making your car goes sideways, you still have to maintain the speed so that your car will not come to a halt but continue to slide all the way till the end of corner curve.

Like abovementioned, the fastest car that slide across a cornering curve is the winner but style is pivotal for the increase of the scoreboard. Drift is not as simple as ABC, even you have style but not necessary you'll have the speed but if you have the speed you definitely have the style. The style that gives your additional score is while sliding at high speed, you're able to bring your car either near to the inner or outer barrier of the curve. The closer you get to the wall the higher adrelinaline-pumping will be. And the chilling effect of watching your car ABOUT to collide with the wall when you ended up not colliding, will makes the crowd goes roar.

This is an example of drifting by the wall without actually colliding with it.
Guess what guys, this is actually a lady driver. The only lady participant in the competition and yet she can do the similar insane drift-close-to-the-wall stunt like other male participants can do. So never underestimate the power of women.

Speaking of the crowd, the drift course is filled with sea of car enthusiast who came over just to savour the sweet robust taste of modified engine sounds and the smell of burning rubber. All the car enthusiast presence are in their high spirit cheering and applauding to the great show given by all the talented drifters that competed that day.

The competition take two days to complete. The first day, which is on Saturday, is the pre-liminary qualifying round to arrange the lineup before the final showdown on Sunday whereby then 2 cars are arranged to race together in a single run to battle it out and see which drivers can outlast the other by way of outrun the former or by way of fierce tailgating.

It would be more exciting if you go on the Sunday which is the final showdown as the battle is far more intense because the whole show is about 2 cars drifting together compared to on Saturday where you only get to see a car drifting on its own on the track. I've bought the walkabout ticket for RM18 which entitle me for 2 days entrance. However sadly, I chose not to go back on the Sunday to catch the intense ego battle because I have another plan ahead.

Anyway, less talk and more pictures.Below are among the selected few pictures taken from the Goodyear Formula Drift 2009. Enjoy.

The New Zealand team and their wicked RX-7 became the crowd puller because the team could make out the same F1 sound from their Rx-7. Imagine driving a Rx-7 but it carries F1 sound with it. Scary!

I know you guys have been waiting since from the start for this part to come. How can an automotive show without any hot modelling babes present right? No Tom , DICK and Harry would even bother to come and watch an automotive show if it's not because of KITTY were there. So here are some luscious hot model pictures for my pervert male viewers to drool at.

Back to more cars.

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