Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Dinner@ Rakuzen

On Christmas night, me and my peers settled down at Chulan Square's Razuken for our lovely Christmas reunion ,that is only subsequent to several let-down at nearby restaurant which serve no ala carte but buffet instead on that night.

Rakuzen has been my most frequent place for Japanese food ,however the choice is not towards its food but more towards its ambience. As envisaged, the place is decorated so as to set the Christmas mood running in every patrons that visit the place.

We all ordered different set of meals and savoured to the last bit of everything.

Oh yeah, I need to announce something. I have just found my blog the ambassador who will endorse most of my food entry in the future.

I present to you Mr.Ja ( not Yan Ja punya Ja ).Having a good looks like his has advantage above everything but will be taken advantage by this desperate moderator here as Mr.Ja is useful since he can turn an already bland looking foods into more appealing than they already was. Having him posing beside foods is like having chicks posing beside cars. With him around, the food looks much tastier. So you won't be seeing the last of him here yet.

As the night turns younger, we heads over to Lecka-Lecka located in front of Starhill to grab ourself a comfortable seat so we could celebrate our Christmas moment in a more civilised matured manner compared to kampung boys who sprayed foam at friends or stranger and later on litters empty spray cans onto the street as if its their grandfathers road.

But before we could secure a place to sit, a hen fight ensued at the entrance. I have no idea what they are quarreling about but the girl on the left do exhibit somelike tai ka jie (BIG SISTER)attitude. Probably the feud started over for a boy la...anyway,nowadays what girl knows other than fighting over for a guy right?


ja said...

oi me mana boleh. tak leng zhai at all la. face noob giler.

yeu said...

he say u boleh.. then u mesti boleh..

Cnigel said...

ya yeu is rite..u must have confidence in u....i can see there's a potential in u so dun let us down haha.....

ja said...

crazy meh. you having the 30% traits of edison also havent bersuara. i ni siapa wor. entah mana lobang keluar.

p.s. though i said 30%, but he is 70% looks alike to you. ka ka ka ka

Cnigel said...

30% tak cukup to get as much girls as edison can