Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Have you cut?

Well, I'm not going to lie to anyone. I've cut it and am proud of doing it. After the cut, I could feel more excitement and pleasure under those lesser friction condition. I have to agree with the majority opinion as I've never enjoy so much titillating fun before. It feels great. I'm not regretting it because it does not only improve clealiness but it also improve happiness.

After my cut, I notice the dramatic difference in my performance compared to my pre-cut period . To my amaze , after braving my soul to undergo operation that I've been dreaded for so many years because of the fright of pain that may ensue, I can now achieve longer lasting hold up unlike before I could not even hold for few precious minutes. I've become more energetic and all thanks to the new built confidence I get from paying one grand for my operation. A long lasting hold up makes a men happy.

Entertainly, I've been shagging my wife non-stop on everyday and night ever since the day I went for my operation. The non-stop heart pounding joy we both commonly share could only best be describe as heavenly fantastic! Now I don't feel restless anymore and my wife loves the new me. Afterall they need you to be intimately vigorous in order for them to feel the climax sensation anyway,right? *Chuckle*

I even find my hand job much stress relief now. And talking about giving my wife...

Oh wait a minute. What cut are you refering to?

Oh you mean P1 Wimax cut? Oh dear I've misunderstood. How silly me *Grin*

If this the case, then I've not cut yet.

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