Friday, November 21, 2008


When I first saw World Trade Centre was hit by aeroplane on September 11, 2001, and subsequently it collapse like a controlled demolition would have like similar downfall, the very first reaction that came to my mind at that time was, what's so big deal about this? I've seen something much more dramatic than that. Godzilla menacing around the city, alien invasion, Men In Black and the world literally swallowed by a deluge of sea water, dinosaur roaming the street looking for its kin and meteor dive into our earth . What's that stupid collapse make so much a deal that it deserve a full and live coverage on every channel in the TV man. Change the channel. I wanna watch my favourite sitcom for heaven christ sake.

Days later Al-Qaeda is being affliated and alleged to be responsible for the historical life changing event. I was like..okay..what's for lunch.

Anyway why all the cool cool stuff only happens in America? Wonder why. Malaysia only have pontianak dunno what malam. Oh yeah, one of the cool stuff happen in Malaysia I think is Cicakman and it's sequel is coming out soon people. Haha.

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