Thursday, November 6, 2008


To me whoever wins the 2008 election is no difference but based on the mood on the ground level Obama would win hands down. If you personally had Obama as your favourite ticket and you're now absolutely elated by his triumph , well my friend you have just fallen into the psychology trap set out by the whims of powerful people who aims to dominate the world.

First and foremost, for me I personally doesn't care who will win in 08 election because whoever wins, it is still the Illuminati who will decide the next course America will take, not the American President as according to popular belief. All the politician's in America , the senate ,minister and the mayor are surprisingly belongs to a Secret Society that connects both Democrats and Republican together undermining the pivotal check and balance principle that ought to have in a law making body.

My lecturer asked who we choose to become the next US President and not surprisingly everyone opted for Obama. She , my lecturer, desired Obama so much is because she thinks Obama's winning will be a historic event for becoming the first black President of United State and also to see a drastic change in US government , especially to reverse Bush's foreign policy in Middle East and others likely policy. Her reason to choose Obama doesn't differ much from all those people who opted Obama. Everyone thinks that Obama is the saviour of all catastrophe( Bush administration - foreign policy and flimsy economy )

Unfortunately and sorry I have to pop your bubble of optimism. If you see clearly, from the beginning the choice of the next President has already been decided way before polling starts. By the work of mass media mind manipulation and lil bit of here and there hypnotism compeled upon you, the powerful people is able to make you people to believe what you see is real. They instilled a great expectation of hope in you by highlighting Obama's multi-racial mixed ethnicity backgorund to inject a fair for all ideology into the febble-minded people out there . He will be the right candidate to win back every vote of the young and passionate heart of Americans especially the minority group through the portrait that Obama is the saviour of the black community who will provide a pure change of democracy and passport to economy equality.

This methodology has been widely used around the world by the powerful people in order to regain public confidence in their governing system. Like Malaysia for example, everyone was made to believed that Pak Lah is the saviour from Mahathirism and he will be much better than Mahathir based on his clean and clear image to combat corruption manifesto. And guess what. He's far worst than Mahathir. It's the same process used in order to gain a landslide victory for the party each president is contesting on to facilitate a smooth bulldoze of bill infringing constitutional rights and liberty and to implement martial law to restrain upheaval.

Even if general public doesn't eat up to Obama's fake identity, the powerful people behind the political scene will not hesitate to hacked into the rigged voting system to project a favourable result although it makes no difference who wins the election but if Obama is secured for the winning , it will augur well to the dark hand of the world. It will made their ploy to dominate the world through the New World Order much easier for Obama has a noble unquestionable leadership character who is liken and believable by all. Everybody likes Obama. And no hell of a way he's gonna dupe us. He's not even 100% black for christ sake.

Racial card game is not spared in America. Obama's dubious personality is no difference from our Malaysian politician. Mahathir,Najib and Khir Toyo claim they are bumi-putera when the fact is they are immigrant themself and worst still, they're not even a pure Melayu.

The next demonic course America is going to take, under the leadership of Obama, will gonna appear like they are to amend all the unjust and impugned policy made by previous administration and to resuscitate US economy , but the reality is whatever steps they take it will make US government and the rich stronger but the citizen weaker.


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