Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I dropby MPH bookstore today to checkout for any new books that might hopefully entice me into buying them hence making good use of my time for next few idle days. (Someone promised me a balinese lunch! Am waiting impatiently)

Found this. Seriously I have contemplated to purchase this in the future as it will definitely be a pivotal guide in my career building. How will it guide me?.....secret.

Along the way I was elated to discover Gavin Menzies latest release. I initially tempted to purchase them despite me haven't finish reading his first book, 1421 The Year China Discover The World but my brother refuse to give his consent upon communicating this discovery to him on the phone. So far until where I've read his first book, I briefly is able to opined that Gavin's revelation on the re-writting history point is simply mind boggling and insightful at the same time.

Anyway the timing of release of his books is highly questionable as it surprisingly coincide with the Beijing Olympic and as the caption of the book depicts , it is a book that basically promotes China for being the key or thrust towards human archievement the day today had archieved.

Beside updating myself with few new books arrival which I didn't purchase at the end of the day,my time spent in the bookstorehas not gone to waste because I encountered an object that makes my visit worthwhile. I saw one uber lovely girl sitting on the floor reading her book alone all by herself. She wears hot pants and has cute face feature. ai de mei mei*drools*

To keep it short. I enjoyed ogling her beauty by perpetuating her sitting spot udner the pretence of looking for books. Can't help it to endulge in voyeurism. I'm a man ma...This is what we do.

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