Saturday, June 14, 2008

WARNING: Bank run likelihood

OMG! This message is hysterical enough to trigger the panic button in me. Few excerpt taken from Shadowfox's ,

" This is a sign, a warning by people in the circle, in the media that an attempt to bankrupt the local banks might be on the way to frustrate the new government of the day that is led by Pakatan Rakyat. There's a reason why the newspapers keep mentioning the maximum compensation rates. It's telling you indirectly what our corrupt leaders are planning to do with our money in the bank. "

" If you have savings in local banks, diversify them now. Don't take any chances, because it would be too late when the corrupt starts burning the financial system to melt it down for the new Pakatan Rakyat government."

I can't let them abscond with my money. No way. Although I don't have much money in the bank but it's money right. It's not a risk I'm willing to take man. Gosh, I've to warn my parents and my relative.

Anyway, I don't know which bank is local. Maybank definitely local. Is Alliance,Hong Leong, RHB, CIMB local? Beg for your forgiveness for my lack of knowledge in banking realm. I'm just a student. What you expect me to know la...

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