Friday, June 20, 2008

I have a solution for you

No money or you're too scrooge to spend a fortune on your girlfriend to make her happy. No fret because I just happen to have a cheap and free solution for you thrifty bastard out there as I can promise you there will be a double happiness at the end.

Without the need to spend any money ,now not only you can make your girlfriend happy ,you might even get nice passionate shag from her after that only if you just follow my simple instruction.

The solution is here people.

Join Diamond & Platinum contest now and stand a chance to win a Liberte' Ring ! worth Rm 3,938 . Not only that, you can also stand a chance to take away prizes worth more than RM 26,000. No purchase is required!

It's one fucking good deal man. No need to purchase anything and yet you can get a diamond ring.

All you need to do is simply answer one mediocre question and you may beg away the chance to win the diamond pendant .

See. The solution is simple. No money is needed and no effort required. It's not that hard to answer that question isn't it? It's the best lazy solution for all. You can give the diamond ring to your girlfriend if you win the contest and there's no peril if you lie telling her that actually you bought the diamond ring using your own hard earned money. This will one, make your girlfriend think you're rich and you love her very much and make her feel DAMN kao touching and horny and secondly, you can save your dignity from not letting her know how stingy and poor you are.

So now your girlfriend is happy and the time she got horny you'ld have got a nice passionate shag from her as a way of thanking you. Isn't that a double happiness or what? (adult joke)

You should be grateful that I'm sharing such a useful tips to you all. I'm putting money into your pocket.

You're welcome!

Anyway, just to inform you there's a small , very tiny insignificant risk involve in this metho-do-logy. This cheap solution only works with luck . So may the God of Fluke be with you. XD

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