Saturday, April 5, 2008

Oppss..did you drop your pants ?

I bet until this very moment, Pak Lah is still oblivious what has struck him lately , well apart from the nosedive poor perfomance of GE12 on 8th March. The picture below has been published in all the printed dailies after Guan Eng (check out the despair "Untold Stories of Guan Eng" ) had a meeting with Pak Lah to discuss stuff about Penang's future development and bla..bla..(you know da drift)

What I'm trying to highlight here is the implied meaning of this cordial handshake between Pak Lah and Guan Eng. For an average Joe, you might think, it's a mere handshake and that's about it. Well, you're wrong. There's more than meets the eye. For the information of all and sundry, beside verbal language , borne in mind that we still have the mischievious body language where its significance and implicit meaning impact is detrimental to you as it simply reads out your character without having a close-up conversation with you. It's like face reading. All your characteristic is basically painted on your face.

According to body language analyst, we can derive a story out of a body language. In the picture above, do you notice that Guan Eng was holding Pak Lah's elbow? To show you the meaning of this body language in a physical sense, Guan Eng was in control of Pak Lah's hand movement as he capture the vital point of Pak Lah's limb where it's at Guan Eng's will to determine the liberty of Pak Lah's hand movement ie when Pak Lah should retract back his hand.

On the strict pyschological body language sense , the picture describe who runs the thing around here. Guan Eng was being reflected as a more superior and powerful figure over Pak Lah whose liberty where limitedly fettered like a wooden puppet. Body language was essential in the political world as it's utmost public importance for the public to know what the type of character their leader was in person. The analysis of political figure's body language was widely practised in foregin country especially Europe Region. The most recent international political figure being critised by analyst was Kevin Rudd , the Prime Minister of Australia who gave a playful "deputy sheriff" salute to George W.Bush in a meeting held between two country recently. Analyst describe the gesture of the Prime Minister was unbecoming as it depict Kevin Rudd as to falling to Bush's feet or show a high reverence to George W.Bush. In other word, Kevin Rudd was Bush's bitch.

Beside that, Tony Blair also receive criticism before during his office. He was describe as weak leader when he was being ushered into his own house by foreign leader. Critics purport Tony Blair to be an easy manipulating tool as he himself doesn't have an authority in his own house. So, it's justiciable to say that Tony Blair might have been induced by George Bush to participate in the ally to "invade" Iraq for terrorist(oil)

The picture above clearly describe that Pak Lah is a weak leader whom can be easily outflanked by competitors without him knowing it himself. This analysis is rhetoric enough because its clearly compatible with the real fact in reality. In reality, Pak Lah was indeed a puppet'ed of Khairy Jamalluddin, his son-in-law, where every crucial administrative decision where being left decided by Khairy and his fourth floor boys. The picture above clearly is a blatant declaration of self-weakness which will not augur too well for Pak Lah's "robust" image, not during the peak of UMNO internal crisis.

(Damn lazy to continue further.Ending abruptly)

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FM said...

I noticed the hand gesture too when I saw it in the newspapers. There was another almost alike when Guat Eng shook hand with Pak Lah in Penang.

In my opinion, the two photographs (one not shown on your blog) shows that GE is opened, welcoming and warm whereas Pak Lah is aloof.