Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Not another public holiday...

I can give you one bloody hell good reason why Thaipusam was suddenly made a national holiday after so many years it wasn't one.

The reason is simple. The MIC is frantically perceiving that the turnout at Batu Caves on Thaipusam will be exceptionally low compared with years before and the scintilla turnout figure will never augur well to reflect/ garner back the support MIC have previously lost to the infamous HINDRAF ( if you wish to call them as opposition , also can )as hearsay has urged dissident Indian not to celebrate Thaipusam as a form of protest against MIC. With the move to make Thaipusam a public holiday, Indians have no reason not to come to celebrate since they no longer can use the excuse " Busy la...need to work.screw thaipusam". Then the Thaipusam celebration on the coming Wednesday can be used as a stratagem to clear the air that no ones going to attend Batu Cave annual celebration as a form of protest against MIC.

Indian's support towards the self-proclaimed ultimate protector of Indian community ,MIC, has fallen dramatically after the unexpected uproar of HINDRAF last month. In a stance of that further mar MIC's image in the eyes of Indian community after it fails to stand up for several Hindu temple demolition and keeping promise to secure Indian's welfare in our economy, Datuk Samy Vellu , the on-going President of MIC ( you may call him Datuk Bulu if you like ) blatantly swep aside the "unsubstantial" allegation and head on bashing HINDRAF's motive and suggest they were manipulated by the opposition party instead of accede to his failure to act for his own ethnicity.

Samy Vellu's political days could well be numbered. With a recent slap in his face on live telecast, I doubt he could survive after GE12.

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Crankshaft said...

Yep. Samy Vellu's days are numbered.

I think the Indian community has finally had its eyes open, thanks to HINDRAF.

The turnout for Thaipusam yesterday was evidently an indication of political dissatisfaction. Now if they could only put their votes to work.