Saturday, January 5, 2008

Mercedes CSL

I know whose the dalang behind Chua Soi Lek's downfall!!!!

Not going to publish his name in my blog for safety purposes. Just drop me a message on MSN if you're eager to know who.

For those people who still hooked with CSL sex scandal issue, please drop it out of your mind will ya. That sex tape gurantee won't titillate any of your erotic-foreplay mind because the video doesn't consist any foreplay act but it could gives you nightmares. Nothing much to anticipate out of that wrinkle manhooded stud but if you really really want to know the details of the video , glean from the testimonial those who had watched it, pre-dominantly Johorian women (Yes, WOMEN.women are more eager to know what that old fart has beneath his underpants) that his little brother is compatible with a horse's.

Freaky? I'm barfing already.

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