Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Powerslide...tenaga bergelingsir

The trailer looks persuasive. Malaysia's own fast and furious? Can you believe that? It's like Lord of the Ring local version, Tuan Punya Cincin.

Anyway, I might consider watching this show because it has drifting in it. What impressed me is that they hired local drifter to act in the show plus a myraid collection of drift cars tuned by D1GP mechanic. However, this might not sound "promoting" for the show as I notice the CG was vividly poor. Pay attention to those car that the drifters was "obliged" to dodge in the show.

The show consist a group of good cast. I've been catching up with Malay movies and frankly the main character and the antagonis,is one hell of an actor.They won many award for Malays series.

Support local movie? You make the call.

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