Thursday, July 5, 2007

Another realization

Earlier today I went to that place they do Mykad. I don't know what the place is called. It seems(I found out this while applying for my passport) that my Mykad is not a Mykad. I've been under false impression that I own a Mykad.

You see,if your Mykad doesn't have the word Mykad at the top part on the front side of your Mykad, it's not a Mykad. It's some other card. You, as a Malaysian , must own a Mykad, not Someotherkad.

Anyway, there I was, waiting for my turn to be called, when I saw two kids walking around. They were the walking baby type you know, probably between 1 to 2 years old. That phase when the baby has just started walking.

Anyway, I've always wondered how come babies at this age have such nice big butts. I'm somebody who is envious of good butts because I have none. I am Mr.No Butt. And I have also always wondered how come by the time they reach 3-4 years old, the nice big butt suddenly disappears. I mean, funny right?

Where does it go to? Every other body part gets bigger, but the butt disappears, only to appear later in teenage years. What happens? I've never read anything about it in my Bio books or whatever. What dumb hormones takes away our nice lil butt (and in my case never return it)?

This thought has plagued me for so long, just like 'does God exist?' and 'why the heck do people wake up before 12pm?'

Then, as I looked at the kids and started wondering again, I made a major discovery.

Those freaking kids have no big butts. They wear diapers underneath their shorts. Thus they seem to have big butts. I have been tricked all these long!


Now I have to face the truth that I probably never had a butt, instead of it being taken away when I was young by some dumb hormones.


nekro4ever said...

Ahaha damn funny, Mr Buttless!

Perhaps you can ask Ziling to donate her butt gene to you =)

Cnigel said...

u shud look at chiq's butt for men sake.

ziling said...

what the heck.. apasal aku pulak yang kena?
my butt gene very expensive wan ok. Have to pay wan ar.
donate oso i donate to boon first lar hor.
or pruso, u can try wearing pampers oso, to make ur butt looks big. should be quite sexy.

oja said...

pampers is expensive lar. just use toilet absorb moisture just like pampers do.any brand shud be no problem as long as not what peay bought last time.kasar n gatal.cis.

PeAy_PeI said...

apa ni?!why i kena pulak!?eh, pasal u dont shit at home? y must shit in school? ish!
btw, prussy!yeah, go buy pampers.huggies..pull-up-pants!how nice is that!!we dont have such a thing last time.hehe

india jones said...

aiks. my posting backfires on me. knnbccb