Friday, June 29, 2007

gotta screw em all

There is a kind of people who get on my nerves so much. The irritation is unbearable. I feel like sticking up an umbrella into their anus and sing the Rihanna Umbrella song.

So, like any wise mature good looking tall dark handsome individual would do, i tried rationalizing the whole issue. I failed and ended up getting more irritated.

Thus, i went to the next option. I tried to classify these fools, so that whenever i run into them i can tell my mind to shut down for awhile. The first words that came to my mind was : cynics. These fools are cynics. I hate cynics.

Wait..wait wait wait wait.

Many a times, I've realized that I'm cynical of things myself. Like how certain things went last year. So possibly I can be irritated with myself? Hmmm.

Nope. I realized that while i was being a cynic, I didn't have a hidden motive. Thus I improved on my earlier theory; I'm irritated by people who act cynical for a hidden motive. ON THE SPOT BABY!

My mind flexed it's muscle. There are two main types of cynics. First : the truly cynical people. Second: the acting cynical arses.

Among the first types, there are two subgroups. The first subgroup are the ones who are cynical because they KNOW. Maybe they know that the situation isn't like what it seems. Or they know the other guy is a fool. Like they know NEP isn't working. Or they know that guy with many pet sisters is just faking it. Or they know some celebrity has fake boobies. They know because they have the knowledge,the experience atau telah mendapat wahyu. They simply know lah. If you still don't understand go flush yourself down the toilet.

Then the second subgroup, they are truly cynical, well, because they DON'T KNOW. They think they know lah, but how to know that you don't know when you don't know that you don't know? So they go about being cynical about something, until it dawns upon them how wrong they are. These kinda people can be forgiven, cause you know when it's sincere and he ain't faking the cynicism.

Then comes the second type, the irritating one. The deserve-to-live-in-the-dumpster type. These people be cynical for hidden reasons; like wanting to sound funny, or wanting to project an image of a person who is damn cool (my backside), or wanting to impress some girls or whatever nonsense. The sad thing is, I think many of them are actually true KNOW cynics who have being twisted by the lure and powers of the dark side.Jeng jeng jeng.

They started off as being good true cynics, but when they realized how good it is to be cynical (like so many girls laugh at his joke or shit), they start doing it for absolutely everything. You know what, they only end up sounding stupid after awhile. Eventually they become fully stupid. My backside does sudoku faster than their brains.

So belah la jenis ni. My anger has been channeled out. Gonna sleep for awhile now. Good afternoon.

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