Sunday, June 10, 2007

Chinese lady

I like to quarrel.

Following argument happened between me and an aunty who doubled parking on a street. Her MPV has gracefully blocked my way through. Well actually I still can lalu one but before I can do it, an uncle ngam-ngam just parked his scooter on the opposite side of the MPV. Leaving me no room to pass at all. Maklumlah, I was driving my dad's new Evo7 so have to becareful not to get dent on it ma...In front of the scooter parked another inconsiderate MPV. Overall it's not a good situation.

Me: (I'm not rushing at all so decided not to take the risk to squeeze in between the scooter and MPV) *honk* *honk* *honk*

My honking gets longer as I see no one responding. Finally the 5th honking I think, a lady walked down the walkway stair of the shoplot. I thought she's nobody to my predicament as she's stood at the walkway all along.

She walked in front of the MPV and assess the gap in front of me and signal me to pass as she thinks its an adequate space. From that moment, I'm pumped with adrenaline only I knew the MPV was actually belongs to her (I'm discriminating at that time)

Bitch : (signal me to move forward)

Me: ( shake my scowled head in decline while pointing at her MPV )

She had this muka tak puas hati after I continuously pointing at her car. That's when she walks to my window .

Bitch : Can pass ma!

Me: How can pass? This (pointing at the car) blocking the way. (I was fuming at that time) This bloody hell car blocking the way.

Bitch : Can pass la...! So big space. ( I can feel that she's trying to diss my driving skill )

Me: ( So I blamed others) The scooter blocked the way edi...

Bitch : ( run forth to the scooter and try hard to move it but with futile ) ( give another signal for me to move forward)

Me : ( Making more tak puas hati face and points back at the MPV )

Bitch : ( her lips moved and I presumed she was swearing at me)

She still don't want to drive her car away. She very mm-song edi. She tried DAMN hard to drag the scooter to give me some ample space through.

After seeing her trying so hard, I decided to pass then but not leaving without releasing my anger. As my car was 50 % clear from the tight space,

Me : ( Shouting as I get nearer to her) Nei dou chi kao seen. Kam yong lei park cheh? Diu lei la....

And sped off.

That's in Cantonese. In English means, " You also fucking crazy one. Like that is how you park your car ar? Fuck you la...

I angry is not because she doesn't want to move her car away but because she stood at the walkway all along when I was honking. You think I like honking ar? Diu...

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Mike Rotch said...

that lady seriously sohahahahahai